Michelle Beadle Heats up Erin Andrews Rivalry

May 25, 2012 at 10:13 am by Terez in Erin Andrews, Michelle Beadle

I'm gonna stay classy T...

If you haven’t already heard, Michelle Beadle is headed to NBC Sports — Now everyone wants to know what really went down between Beadle and her blonde rival at ESPN — Beadle doesn’t directly go hard at Erin, but she’s definitely making a point. Via Boston Globe: “I’m not out there. I don’t go to events to have my picture taken. I don’t really care if my name is mentioned on a blog. It’s not my thing. I’m not going to hire a publicist or anything like that, it’s just not what I’m interested in.” said Beadle — Maybe Bristol wasn’t big enough for the both of them. Either way, we’re Team Beadle all the way. -TO

EA Drops Rumors of  Beadle Sex with Clay Matthews

Michelle Beadle is pretty close to leaving ESPN?