Michael Vick Gets Gritty for UPTOWN

October 27, 2011 at 10:59 am by Terez in Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles

Don't fu*k with me T...

The Michael Vick story hasn’t exactly been an after school special…With his new millions, Vick is trying to reshape his image on and off the field….Sure his ‘Dream Team’ is playing below expectations, but have people really forgiven #7….Vick recently spoke to UPTOWN MAG, ““[Two years ago], I was happy just to be on a team. When I was in prison, I prayed for another opportunity. And when I signed with the Eagles, that opportunity had come. I was ecstatic at that point, and I’m even happier now.” Vick is still playing at a high level, but part of me misses the old player…the old dog killer, not so much. -TO

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