Michael Jordan Retired the First Time Because He Was Caught Using PED’s?

November 15, 2017 at 8:47 am by Terez in Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is perhaps the greatest athlete ever, but what he did off the court is equally as astonishing. He revolutionized American sports through his marketing prowess and Air Jordan brand. But off the court, there remains a lingering question as to why he retired in 1993. Did he have gambling debts? Did the NBA secretly suspend him? Did he really want to play baseball? Was he caught using PED’s?  On this week’s episode of “What Really Happened“, award-winning filmmaker and documentarian Andrew Jenks speaks with Sam Smith, Bob Ryan, Jeff Van Gundy and other experts to get to know Jordan, the man and why he really retired. This is a great listen. It’s about time someone tried to get to the bottom of this.-TO