Meth Curry Hitting the Weights

June 21, 2016 at 8:41 am by Terez in Stephen Curry

We both need to get stronger T...

We both need to get stronger T…

The Tacoma cancer survivor, who was nicknamed Meth Curry has transformed his boyd, and it looks like he’s hitting the weights. Check out Leon Mitchell showing his new physique off on Instagram. Might not be so easy to call this guy Meth Curry anymore. Steph should follow suit if he ever wants to win another championship.-TO

Positive vibes ad blessings to all! Every year around this time as my LIFE day edges closer I find myself reminiscing and looking back on my path to the present days. On the left you see a boy barely old enough to be called a man in his most defeated moments. Sent home with the a looming death sentence. Unable to eat, speak, swallow, having lost 50lbs, and with just enough strength to stand for a few minutes to be bathed on a day to day basis. A broken hearted, sad, frightened, frail young man. On the right you see EXACTLY what I was told I would never be, a vibrant, healthy, active, normal functioning man. Husband to an INCREDIBLE woman, father to two AMAZING children, son, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin, and friend! I was met at a crossroad in life with not two, but only ONE OPTION (LIVE and THRIVE). I can not and would not ever change any moment of my life, I accecpt and cherish all of my battles, victories, and life events that I have endured and overcome. So As we all navigate our ways to GREATNESS,we must understand that the sooner we give ourselves absolute and final say in our own lives the sooner we will unleash the truest and most powerful versions of ourselves that we can be. Never allow anyone or anything to put limits, expiration dates, or final coordinates on your destination in this lifetime! Be INCREDIBLE, BE POWERFUL, BE PHENOMENAL, and become the greatest version of yourself possible. I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. One love and GOD bless. #TEAMKNOE #POSITIVEVIBES #INSTADAILY #SMILE #INSTAGOOD #POSITIVITY #LOVE #INSPIRATIONAL #HAPPY #FAITH #LIVESTRONG #GREATNESS #MOTIVATIONAL

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Wonderful Wednesday’s. Positive vibes and blessings to all! I hope everyone is having a PHENOMENAL Wednesday afternoon. We must understand that our energy and attitudes are not only transferable but also contagious. The aura you give off in your actions and through your words can and will directly effect those around you. We have the power to raise the POSITIVE energy in a room or in a person by simply projecting our POSITIVE energy outward. Through our smiles, our laughs, our confidence, our kindness, and just our overall joyful exuberance, we have the ability to lift and brighten the spirits of others. If we choose to live in POSITIVITY, it will make navigating our journey to GREATNESS not necessarily easier but it will make it easier to forge ahead with unrelenting vigor. Negativity serves only one purpose and that is to open the door for more negativity. So on this BEAUTIFUL 80degree Wednesdays afternoon I want to send and share all the POSITIVE vibes I possibly can with each and everyone of you. One love and GOD bless. #TEAMKNOE #LOVE #SMILE #HAPPY #PHOTOOFTHEDAY #INSTADAILY #INSTAGOOD #INSPIRE #SURVIVOR #LIVESTRONG #GREATNESS #TATTOOS

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