McNabb wants LeBron to join Bulls

T, I think I just creamed my pants thinking about LeBron coming to Chicago..

Donovan McNabb is a Redskins Quarterback..but a Chicago guy at heart..On Thursday night, Donovan had this to say about LeBron James and his free agency plans.. “Being a major Bulls fan, (signing James) would mean a lot to me, as well as my team,” said McNabb..Don, an avid hooper himself, played ball at Syracuse for three he knows what he’s talking about.. “When you have a backcourt of Derrick Rose and LeBron, and a young nucleus of (Joakim) Noah and Luol Deng … it would be big,” he said..if Bron Bron does bolt Cleveland for Chicago, there’s going to be a lot more Le Bulls fans out there. To see the video continue reading. -TO

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