Maybe This Is Why Ayesha Curry Said The NBA Was Rigged?

June 19, 2016 at 8:36 am by Terez in Main

This great article comes to us via ” Well, last year, AdAge cited data from indicating that ABC pulled in $223.9 million in advertising revenues over the course of last year’s NBA Finals matchup, which again featured the Cavaliers versus the Warriors. That series only lasted six games, however. A Game 7 is typically a ratings and money-making bonanza. AdAge estimated that had there been a Game 7 last year, it would have likely drawn an audience of 32 million viewers and a 21.2 household rating, up from an average of 20 million viewers and an 11.6 rating for the previous games in the 2015 NBA Finals. As for the advertising revenues, “A seventh game likely would have tossed another $45 million on the pile,” AdAge reported. So, if the 2016 NBA Finals had ended with a Game 5 victory by the Warriors, ABC would have missed out on the ad revenues of Game 6 and Game 7—which will probably total in excess of $80 million, based on estimates from last year. This tells you everything you need to know about why Ayesha Curry tweeted that the NBA was rigged, she was just being honest.-TO