Married PGA Player Gets Called out by Mistress

September 27, 2011 at 10:43 am by Terez in Daniel Chopra

Tell Chopra he's been chopped down T...

This is why you don’t cheat…PGA player Daniel Chopra allegedly had an affair…and like most affairs, things went south…and now he’s being called out…The mistress, we can call her Savannah, to protect her identity of course, has been emailing us for weeks to expose her man Daniel…She tells me their relationship started to deteriorate when Chopra’s wife called her…After much consideration (the dude is married)  I have chosen to post some email correspondence between the two of them…I’m not saying something actually happened between them, or condoning his behavior, just presenting some emails…One and two….You decide for yourself what to believe.-TO

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