Mark Sanchez Got Ripped off $8 Million in Ponzi Scheme

June 23, 2016 at 8:08 am by Terez in Mark Sanchez

Ouch T...

Ouch T…

Ash Narayan is being investigated by the SEC for “secretly siphoning millions of dollars” from the athletes’ accounts “using forged or unauthorized signatures.” Narayan then turned around and invested the money in a failing online ticket company that he has a stake in. Reports indicate Sanchez said he trusted Narayan because he was Christian and represented several other pro athletes, according to the SEC’s lawsuit. The Buttfumble is still worse than losing 8 mill.-TO


– San Francisco Giants pitcher Jake Peavy: $15.1 million
– Denver Broncos quarterback Mark Sanchez: $7.8 million
– Former MLB pitcher Roy Oswalt: $7.6 million
– Analyst and former NBA player Austin Croshere: $125,000
– Colorado Rockies pitcher Tyler Matzek: $25,000