Mark Sanchez and Eli Manning Team Up

Terez, I can't hang around with Mark..I'm a married wife would kill me..

Giants Quarterback Eli Manning and Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez aren’t really buds..They are acquaintaces who happen to play in the same town..but for special occasions and a mutual interest, they’ll team this particular case, the duo have joined forces in a bid to co-host the  2014 Super Bowl at new Meadowlands stadium..The proposal, which was submitted by overnight mail, outlines everything from supplying fans with hand warmers to having workers on standby ready to shovel and plow snow. Tailgaters would be allowed to erect fire pits to warm themselves in the parking lots..In most cases Super Bowls have to be hosted in warm weather know, so fans can get drunk in the warmth….so I say keep it in Miami every year..It’s just sounds more fun. -TO