Maria Sharapova Gets Behind SuperGoop

April 23, 2014 at 7:12 am by Terez in Maria Sharapova

It's super T...

It’s super T…

Maria is now the co-owner of Supergoop—a UV-focused skin-care line founded in 2007 that’s all about sun protection, something Maria knows a lot about. Maria told Vogue that she’s been a fan of Supergoop for a while. “I found it at Sephora. I’ve been in the sun for as long as I can remember for my job. I’ve spent years training in Florida. That application of sunscreen became a ritual for me, and something I [have done] almost every day of my life. And when I met Holly, her message was such an important one— raising awareness and making sure that many people are knowledgeable about skin cancer, that it is the leading cancer [in the United States], and that it’s preventable.” When you play Tennis for a living, always a good idea to stay protected.-TO

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