March Madness Expansion to 96 teams Likely

March 31, 2010 at 8:58 am by Terez in College Hoops

The more the merrier T..gotta love it baby..

NCAA presidents appear to be close to approving a proposal to expand the NCAA basketball tournament, with Big Ten Conference commissioner Jim Delany saying a move from 65 to 96 teams is “probable.” “I said from Day 1 that I would support the decision that came out of the (NCAA’s) Board of Directors, which ostensibly is linked back to the presidents (in) the conferences,” Delany said. “And if that’s where it ends up, I support that.” The NCAA board will address the issue at an April 29 meeting in Indianapolis. I think the 64 team format works perfect..If they approve it, we know its about the almighty dollar..March Madness is amazing and shouldn’t be bush league. If the NCAA wants to change something, fix the blows! -TO

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