Manziel to Be Featured in Snickers Superbowl Ad?

December 18, 2014 at 8:22 am by Terez in Cleveland Browns, Johnny Manziel

I'm going to the Superbowl T?

I’m going to the Superbowl T?

Mars is benching M&M’s in favor of Snickers for its 2015 Super Bowl ad. Recently, Snickers has been running an ad starring Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel called “Johnny JamBoogie.” We’re being told Johnny is set to be featured in their Superbowl day spots. Manziel’s first season hasn’t gone exactly as the Snickers brand had planned, but his name still carries some weight says our insider. If Manziel can get a few W’s before the season ends, it will definitely help stomach having to see him parade around in tights.-TO