Major League Baseball Has an Adderall Problem

March 11, 2010 at 3:17 pm by Terez in Jason Spezza

Terez, these two guys use adderall..Brian Giles and Bobby Crosby..

Shocking divorce papers filed by Jason Kendall’s estranged wife Chantel have placed the Kansas City Royals catcher at the center of a new baseball drugs scandal involving Adderall. Now, has learned that according to Kendall’s sworn deposition, it’s not just him that is caught up in the furor surrounding the use of Adderall – Kendall also name checks LA Dodgers right fielder Brian Giles and Pittsburgh Pirates infielder Bobby Crosby. In the papers, Kendall disclosed that Brian Giles is someone that he has known since 1997 and when asked if Giles uses Adderall, Kendall said, “I believe so.” He didn’t know if Giles was currently taking it. Kendall was also asked if he knew if Bobby Crosby took Adderall and he said, “I don’t know,” before going on to admit that the two had discussed Adderall “more than one time.” Kendall testified that his dosage of Adderall was decreased when he wasn’t training and that he took from 30-60 milligrams since he first starting taking it in 2006. Kendall said he took 60 milligrams of Adderall during Spring 2009 and ending in October 2009 and that in November it was decreased to 45 milligrams. –Radar Online

Players can use Adderall under “Therapeutic Use Exemption” program, but the abuse is becoming widespread..Adderall is a”legal” drug, but off the label prescribing and usage isn’t people..Time for another MLB crackdown. -TO

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