Magic Johnson Setup Donald Sterling with V. Stiviano as His Double Agent?

May 13, 2014 at 8:06 am by Terez in Donald Sterling, Magic Johnson

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This is an interesting one. Here’s what we’ve been hearing amidst the bickering between Magic Johnson and Clippers owner Donald Sterling in lieu of the recent controversy, “Now I know what happened! Magic set his ass up! He sent that sidechick over to seduce Sterling, and get some intel from her. Donald got a little salty that she was taking pics with Magic on her Instagram, and told her to stop that nonsense, and the entire time she was recording at Magic’s request, and then somehow, the recording mysteriously got leaked. Magic has wanted to buy the Clippers from Sterling for several years now, but he knew Sterling would never sell, so he set this plan in motion, to remove Sterling from the equation the only way he knew how. Magic and V. have been friendly for quite some time, and Magic even had V. get acquainted with some of  Dodgers players. Magic is a savvy business man, and knows how to swim with the sharks better than most” said our source. This does explain the hostility between the two, but would Magic go to such great lengths in order to acquire another Los Angeles sports franchise? You never know with Magic.-TO

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