Lonzo Ball Diagnosed with a Case of the Yips

November 10, 2017 at 8:54 am by Terez in Lonzo Ball

Yips or the yips is the loss of fine motor skills in athletes. … The condition occurs most often in sports which athletes are required to perform a single precise and well-timed action such as golf and darts. The condition is also experienced by bowlers in cricket and pitchers in baseball. Now it seems someone on the hardwood has come down with a case of the Yips. Los Angeles Lakers superstar is the latest athlete to have the yips according to our insider. Our source tells us Lonzo is already speaking with some mental health professionals to make sure this doesn’t get worse than it already is. The Lakers front office is trying to get ahead of this before it becomes a serious issue. I blame his father for giving him the Yips, all that damn pressure Lavar puts on his son, amazing the Yips is the only mental problem the superstar rookie has.-TO