Living the Dream with A-Rod

May 3, 2010 at 9:49 am by Terez in A-Rod, New York Yankees

Why is his hand so sticky Terez?

A-Rod was on Good Morning America today, where lucky reporter Juju Chang Spends a Day at Spring Training with him..kinda like make a wish for reporters I guess..Chang brought her kids as well..and A-Rod was trying to play Cupid..Rodriguez called them good-looking athletes and jokingly considered a set-up with his two young daughters. “Do they like older men?” Chang asked. “Not now,” Rodriguez said with creepy laugh.. “Maybe in like 20 years” A-Rod tried his best to teach her how to hit , field and take steroids..I’m lying about the last part..but check it out..To see the video continue reading. -TO

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