Lingerie Football League Responds to Cam Newton Sexist Comment

October 5, 2017 at 10:18 am by Terez in Lingerie Football League

Due to National Football League (NFL) star Cam Newton’s sexist comment, the Legends Football League (LFL) has issued the below official statement and video. LFL Official Statement:  We at the LFL respect Cam Newton for his ability on the field, despite is pouting after losses and poor leadership off the field. Mr. Newton’s recent sexist comment, ‘Its funny to hear a FEMALE talk about routes’’ was sexist and disrespectful as well as hypocritical, for someone who preaches about equality yet conveniently forgets about the equality women seek in sports” Cam needs to start thinking before he speaks. Maybe it’s all those strange hats and costumes he wears. Check out the VIDEO the LFL provided below.-TO