Lincecum’s Endorsement Potential Smoked By Pot

November 3, 2010 at 9:48 am by Terez in San Francisco Giants, Tim Lincecum

Yo what happened with Prop 19 T?? Did we win..

Everyone knows San Francisco Giants pitching ace loves the reefer..The dude oozes marijuana..About One year ago Lincecum was pulled over for speeding in the state of Washington and was nabbed with over 3.3 grams of marijuana found in his car.  He was arrested on misdemeanor marijuana possession and paraphernalia use charges..Of course, his high powered attorney negotiated the dismissal of the pot charge and the reduction of the paraphernalia charge to a civil infraction…So now that he’s a World Series champion, you’d figure the endorsement deals would be flying in..Not the case..According to Forbes, “Unfortunately and in light of the afore-mentioned marijuana incident, I don’t believe he’ll maximize his endorsement potential immediately.  He’s more likely to see his endorsement earnings rise by $3-6M annually.” That’s still a lot of money..Do you know how much weed he could buy with that? -TO

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