LeBron James Would Like to Buy the Cavaliers

November 10, 2017 at 8:22 am by Terez in Lebron James

If the opportunity was there, LeBron was jump at the chance. “To be an owner of any team would be crazy,” James told The Athletic’s Jason Lloyd (h/t Yahoo Sports’ Ben Rohrbach. “If this thing opened up and I’m in a position financially, and I’ve got the right team around me, obviously. But who’s to say Dan will (sell)? I’ve always kept it just player/owner at this point. I guess once I come down to that point, if the conversation needed to be had, I’ll have it. But I don’t have it right now.” “I will own a team someday,” James said. “That’s my next thing. “Why do I want to own team? I think it’ll be cool. I’ll stay part of the game and still be able to put people in positions of power. I’ve always loved that, putting people in a position of power to feel like they can make a change and make things happen.” said LeBron. No chance Dan Gilbert sells sh*t to LeBron. Also Bron would have to put together an ownership group, because he’s rich, but not that rich.-TO