LeBron James to Get Even Over ‘Decision’ Spoof

Hmm..What could LeBron possibly do to me Terez?

LeBron James and the Miami Heat play the Minnesota Timberwolves tonight,  and LeBron has a score to settle with someone on the the other team..James has set his hate radar on Anthony Tolliver..Tolliver is the guy who spoofed LeBron’s decision..He spoofed the crap out of LeBron and  announced to the world that he would be signing with Minnesota..Even calling his version The Decision: Part Deux..Fast forward to today,LeBron had this to say about the Mocking Video.. “I didn’t see it, but I heard about it. We play Minnesota twice.” said LeBron..Is that a threat…because it sounds like LeBron has something planned for Tolliver..I give Tolliver credit for messing with the King..Let’s just see if there will be any repercussions…To see Tolliver’s Video continue reading. -TO

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