LeBron James Mother of All Rumors Confirmed

June 27, 2010 at 10:46 am by Terez in Cleveland Cavaliers, Lebron James

Lock me up Terez..I broke Lebron's # 1 rule..

Lock me up Terez..I broke LeBron's # 1 rule..no one touch his mama..

About six weeks ago I broke the story that LeBron James’ teammate Delonte West got caught hooking up with his Mother, Gloria James..then a media storm ensued with everyone and their mother (no pun intended) weighing in on the plausibility of the rumor..then I got a cease and desist from LeBron’s lawyer demanding me to remove the posts..I of course, knowing the rumor had truth to it, stuck by my source and let the story stand on its own..a week after that NBA Hall of Famer Calvin Murphy and several other NBA insider confirmed the story to be true..I gave LeBron’s lawyer my attorney’s phone number and he never even called…Now comes another source, one extremely close to LeBron, who is confirming that Delonte did indeed get caught in a hotel room with Gloria James the night of his MVP party..the insider says..”Super Close source says Delonte/Gloria James rumor is definitely true..LeBron’s friends have to stop LeBron from wanting to Kill Delonte every day..he’s still that pissed about it..” When I pressed the insider on his source, he had this to say..”Can’t say, I promised..I would tell you, but it would cost my friend his job..one of LeBron’s inner circle..” I get we won’t ever truly know for sure until the parties involved confirm or deny the story, but something did happen with Delonte and Gloria that evening…The close friend of LeBron’s also said he’s choosing between Cleveland and Chicago, assuming the Cavs could obtain a great point guard..T-4 days and counting..-TO

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