LeBron James Calls Cowboys Worst Team in the NFL

November 8, 2010 at 8:04 am by Terez in Dallas Cowboys, Lebron James, Miami Heat

Someone needs to say something T..

LeBron James’ favorite football team is having a terrible year..The Dallas Cowboys are now 1-7 and haven’t had this bad of  a start since 1989..LeBron was so outraged by the play of the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football, he put them on Twitter Blast..LeBron tweeted..”Something has to change around Cowboy land. Some furniture moving asap. This is just ridiculous man!!!!!! C’Mon Son” Then LeBron got real nasty and called out the Cowboys with this Tweet..”Never thought I’d say this about my Cowboys but they are officially the worst team in the NFL right now even though the Bills are winless!” Wow..worse than the Bills..that is low LeBron..I wonder how LeBron would feel if the Cowboys moved from Dallas…to move some furniture around..kinda like he did to Cleveland..-TO

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