LeBron James Betrays Nike by Wearing Converse Out

November 4, 2010 at 9:36 am by Terez in Lebron James, Miami Heat

Cmon T...I can't wear Nikes all the time..

LeBron James is a Nike guy through and through..He wears his own shoes and Nike pays him a whole lot of money to represent their brand. So what the hell is LeBron doing wearing Converse..My source, who is a prominent agent in the NBA, tells me LeBron is potentially breaching his contract by wearing the competing brand’s shoes..My source goes on to tell me, that when an athlete decides to sign an endorsement deal with a particular shoe company, there is language written in the contract prohibiting the athlete from wearing competing brands..LeBron rocking the old school Chuck Taylor’s is definitely a breach of contract..Once again LeBron shows his loyalty..Who won’t this guy betray? I know Converse is owned by Nike..but Cmon dude..really?? -TO

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