LeBron and Savannah James Are in Couples Therapy?

August 7, 2017 at 11:44 am by Terez in Lebron James

If anyone has noticed Lebron James lately, he seems a little off kilter. First off, Kyrie Irving decided to get the hell away from him, which may have been a result of LeBron cheating with Kyrie’s girl. Next you have LeBron’s Mother’s former Lover, Da Real Lambo, chomping at the bit to expose LeBron as a cheater and fraud.  If that’s not enough, the story dropped last week LeBron and Savannah have an ‘Arrangement’ when it comes to LeBron’s extracurricular affairs. From our insider, “LeBron and Savannah are in couples therapy right now, she’s not happy about all the leaks coming from their camp. She knows he likes to mess around, but she doesn’t want anyone finding out, it just makes her look bad. Also Lebron is being super paranoid about her hooking up with other men in retaliation” says our source. Look, there’s no one way to maintain a marriage. To each his own, if that lifestyle works for them, more power to them. Much like the NBA off-season, I think LeBron’s Crazy Summer is pretty entertaining..-TO