Lawyers try to ban Tiger Woods sex doll

March 19, 2010 at 12:31 pm by Terez in Tiger Woods.

Tiger's Sex Doll Loves to Pitch and Receive...

Lawyers for Tiger Woods are reported to be trying to halt the sale of a series of sex toys which exploit the golfer’s new-found reputation as a sex maniac. They include a ‘Take Home Tiger Love Doll’ and packages of ‘wood cover’ super-size condoms. The items are for sale on the website of Pipedream Products, which advertises such handy products as “the world’s first rotating vibrating cordless masturbator”. In other words, this is NOT the John Lewis white goods department. Probably the most offensive in the Tiger range – offensive to Woods and his family, at any rate – is the doll. “Just add air and this cocky champ will share his Major-winning wood with you,” runs the promo. –The First Post

Hey, you can’t blame people for trying to make a buck off Tiger..He’s made hundreds of millions from the public over the last 15 years..Payback’s a bitch..and then you become one..-TO

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