Lawrence Taylor Wasn’t Blitzed ?

November 9, 2009 at 8:27 am by Terez in Lawrence Taylor

Those cops were idiots T, Look at my eyes

Those cops were idiots T, Look at my eyes

Lawrence Taylor has a storied history of substance abuse, but Miami cops tell TMZ the NFL legend looked completely sober when he was arrested late last night.

Cops say despite his bloodshot eyes in the mugshot, Taylor — who’s been arrested twice on drug-related charges in the past — was so coherent when he was arrested for hit-and-run last night , that officers didn’t feel the need to perform a sobriety test.

As TMZ first reported, Taylor was busted after cops say he left the scene of a car accident. Cops believe Taylor hit another car and then a guard rail … and then drove away from the scene.

We’re told no one was injured.

Cops tell us when they found Taylor, he was standing outside of his car — which was missing a front tire. The tire was found at the scene of the crash .. which means Taylor may have driven several miles on just the axle.

We’re told Taylor was very cooperative when he was arrested — he was eventually released on $500 bond.

I’m not an expert but the red eyes are probably due to allergy season-TO