Lavar Ball Not Letting his Baller Kids See Their Mother

March 20, 2017 at 12:26 pm by Terez in LaVar Ball

While Lavar Ball is busy selling his kids, he’s completely benched his wife. We received this tip,”Tina Ball, Lavar’s wife, had a stroke on Feb 21st of this year. She had life threatening skull surgery to relieve brain pressure – guess where Lavar was during the operation that could have killed his wife? – at the CHHS vs. LB Poly game with his sons, including Lonzo. He still has not allowed his kids to see their sick mother due to the media attention it would bring to him, and cause BBB sales to diminish. Tina is [at the hospital] now and he only visits for 1 hour a few days a week, while her Mother has yet to leave her side. Pathetic!!! Notice, she is not at any games, she is not at work, and she is not at home. Someone needs to ask the question, where is Tina? She is severely disabled and paralyzed on right side. Cannot talk and is questionable about her comprehension. As a family member, I am embarrassed and feel so sorry for Tina, since Lavar is on a media tour, he visits her rarely, while her mother has stayed by her side continuously.” Not surprised to hear this one bit. If Tina could make billions, she’d be priority one. This guy needs to get his head screwed on straight.-TO