LaVar Ball Explains Why Low Attendance At JBA Games Doesn’t Matter (VIDEO)

August 3, 2018 at 11:46 am by Terez in JBA, LaVar Ball

The JBA may not be packing arenas but LaVar explained on a Chicago morning show on Friday that he’s not worried. “Social media is where it’s at right now. Everyone comes in there and says ‘well, the JBA is not doing too well if you look at the stands.’ But is it better to have all cameras in there and 100 people? Or 10,000 people in there with no cameras? The scouts want to say ‘hey is that guy good’ and there’s 10,000 people in there, it’s just people saying that he’s good. So when the camera is in there and they’re playing in arenas and they say this kid is good, press rewind, we’ll watch this kid again.” – TO