Lamar Odom Breaks Silence on National Anthem Controversy & More

October 4, 2017 at 8:11 am by Terez in Lamar Odom

On today’s episode of Complex’s “Everyday Struggle,” former NBA star Lamar Odom joins Joe Budden, DJ Akademiks and Nadeska Alexis for candid commentary on the latest trending sports headlines, his current musical tastes and doesn’t shy away from the elephant in the room. Odom takes a hard look at his recreational-turned-destructive drug use, rehab and takes accountability in the demise of his career and relationship with ex-wife Khloé Kardashian. Watch the powerful conversation now. Lamar’s head has never been on straighter. Great to see him articulate his thoughts, considering he almost died. Watch below.-TO


4:10 — On Shannon Sharpe-Ray Lewis, Kneeling Controversy:
“I’m cool with that if I could really understand why they’re kneeling…because it seems like it’s a fad now.”

11:08 — On Lavar Ball Homeschooling LaMelo:
“Lavar seems like a control freak. So maybe if he can’t control the team from the sideline, he might have a problem.”

12:50 — On Nick Young-D’Angelo Russell Scandal:
“If I was Nick Young, I would’ve put my hands on him. And I was expecting motherf*ckers on the team to put their hands on him. That would’ve showed camaraderie.”

18:48 — On How Reality TV Changed His Life:
“I would never think I would do reality TV before it happened. I used to look down upon it.”
“My wife was in it. I was supportive of my wife…I’m getting money with my wife.”

20:17 – 23:10 — On His Recreational Drug Use Getting Out of Control, Rehab & Khloé’s Support

25:26 — On Stakes of Revisiting Addiction:
“I don’t know even if the decision is conscious…I think it’s just something that kind of just clicks like, ‘You just can’t go there no more.’ I know what the outcome could be. And I’ve got children…My daughter’s 19, my son is 16. There’s certain stuff they know, so you can’t really go half-assing with your kids when it comes to that.”

30:50 — On His Autobiography:
“Very therapeutic. Because I don’t talk a lot.”
“I think the best part of the book is going to be the stories that my friends have. Like my closest friends, everybody that took the journey with me.”

34:30 — On Reinventing a Position in Basketball:
“I think that’s what I was probably put here for, to show that the big man could play the guard game. Me being from New York City, where the point guard is prevalent and runs the show, it kind of influenced the way I played and how I wanted to get my point across on the court.”

35:33 — On His Top 3 New York Point Guards:
“Steph [Marbury], Kenny [Anderson] and Tiny Archibald probably, who led the league in scoring assists.”

42:45 — On His Top 3 Lakers:
“Magic, Kareem and Michael Cooper.”

37:03 — On Players Punching Players in the Face (Kobe, Kerr, Jordan):
“If they have a disagreement, then f*ck it. Take care of it…”
“Sometimes in practice, before practice starts, [Kobe] might just find shots and just ‘boom,’ right in the chest. But that was kind of to get everybody into it. It’s 10 in the morning, don’t nobody really want to be there. But Kobe was a tremendous leader.”

37:41 — On What’s Next for His Career & Reality TV:
“I’ve been thinking about doing it. It would probably have to be based on me finalizing and capitalizing on deals. Lifestyle.”
“I don’t think it would be to the detriment of my health. I understand what I’m getting into.”
“It didn’t really make me who I am, and it didn’t take anything away from me.”

39:39 — On Caring About Public/Media Perception:
“About perception? Yeah, I do. I have children, bro…I didn’t even get to go to the school I wanted to because of perception. (UNLV)”

41:41 — On Rick Pitino and Ongoing NCAA Scandal:
“If you did something wrong, then you deserve to get punished for it like anybody else.”
“[college athletes] should be getting paid.”

50:10 — On His 2018 NBA Finals Predictions (Golden State, OKC, Houston):
“Golden State is who I think is gonna win. [Want to see] Houston [win]. Chris Paul, that’s my dude…I’m rooting for Chris Paul’s success.”