Lakers Ron Artest: Jimmy Kimmel didn’t know about half-naked appearance

November 25, 2009 at 10:07 am by Terez in Los Angeles Lakers, Ron Artest

Lakers star Ron Artest said Monday’s stunt (his half-naked appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s show Monday night, when he wore only a pair of shorts) was unscripted. Then he said he had been thinking about it for a couple days. He also said Kimmel had no advance notice he would appear on the show carrying his pants and shirt in his hands. “He was shocked,” Artest said. “He didn’t know. I came out there and I did 50 push-ups. I came out all pumped up. I gave him five and a hug. I’ve been working on my muscles. I felt real comfortable taking my shirt off.” — LA Daily News

I am friends with Ron Ron so its hard to say anything…but this dude’s of video below..-TO