Kobe Bryant is worried about lollygagging

March 31, 2010 at 6:30 am by Terez in Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers

Don't you lollygag either T...your readers deserve your best.

Kobe Bryant is concerned his team is getting complacent..He has a notorious temper when he sees his teammates standing around..Bryant was so enraged the other night he ended up punching a chair during a timeout with 38.1 seconds left as the Lakers fell to 2-2 on a five-game trip that ends Wednesday night in Atlanta “It’s important for me to put my foot on the gas and have in our mind’s eye the kind of urgency that we need to play with in order to defend [the championship],” Bryant told NBA TV host Ernie Johnson and analysts Kevin McHale and Chris Webber. “The trap that you run into is you play with that sense of urgency when you’re down 10, 12, 13 points and that’s the kind of mentality I do not want us to have going into the postseason. You kind of lollygag around for a series and now you’re down, 3-1, now it’s time to play. You kind of fall into that false sense of security and all of a sudden it’s time to go and sometimes it’s too late to turn it on.” Kobe wants one for the thumb real bad. -TO

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