Klay Thompson Caught Photo-bombing a Packed Bowl

February 8, 2017 at 11:49 am by Terez in Klay Thompson

Currently, the NBA has a fairly lax policy when it comes to marijuana compared to the NFL in regards to use of the drug, but it is still banned.  Currently it’s technically legal for recreational use in California, and what’s more recreational than getting high while playing some cards? Check out Klay getting caught in the picture. Here’s what our tipster tells us, “It was on this Donna girl’s IG story. They were playing strip poker, drinking, and smoking weed. Night before a game in January. Donna posted it, then deleted it. People still have pictures though” said our insider. Not the first time Klay has been caught smoking the reefer. As long as he can hit the 3, he surely should be allowed to hit the bowl.-TO