Kevin Durant Out To Lunch With His Ex Girlfriend Monica?

July 12, 2018 at 5:01 am by Terez in Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant has a girls AAU team we just learned, and more…this comes to us via our tip box. “I have several friends that work with AAU teams and they been traveling with there teams to different tournaments.Anyway they said that KD has a girls AAU team and he was at the tournament in Chicago watching them.They said that Monica was there recruiting and her and KD was seen together at lunch and throughout the tournament talking and laughing.They said they She was basically with his group all day yesterday.I told them I don’t believe it with out receipts like pictures of them together.They said they didn’t get any but a friend did get a picture of Monica with KD and at the game together with Randy.I don’t know how to post on here but look at a twitter posting by Amy Starr at Coach_Amy_Starr and u see them together.” Here is the picture below form twitter, take that how you want?-TO