Kentucky’s Basketball Coach Calipari could get $650k bonus with NCAA title

March 25, 2010 at 8:57 am by Terez in John Calipari, University of Kentucky

Please let me win Terez..I need more money!!

According to Bloomberg BusinessWeek, University of Kentucky Head Basketball Coach John Calipari has a clause in his contract that will earn him a $650,000 bonus if Kentucky wins its eighth national title. That would be on top of the already $3.7 million in guaranteed salary this season. University of Kentucky President Lee Todd Says  “Someone asked me, ‘When are universities going to quit paying coaches these outlandish salaries?’”“And I answered, ‘When people turn off their televisions and don’t want to watch college basketball.’” That’s some incentive Coach Cal has to win..School pride is great, but a ton of cash is even better..-TO

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