Kawhi Leonard’s Twitter Mystery

November 22, 2016 at 7:35 am by Terez in Kawhi Leonard

Keep guessing T...

Keep guessing T…

Fans really dig into their favorite athlete’s twitter accounts, and analyze every tweet, every followers, and everyone they follow. Which leads us to this mystery, who one fan is scratching his head trying to figure out. READ below.-TO


Kawhi Leonard is following only 6 accounts on Twitter:

  1. Jordan Brand
  2. H-E-B
  3. Wingstop San Antonio
  4. San Antonio Spurs
  5. Impact Sports Inc.
  6. Jamal Crawford

I understand why he would be following Jordan Brand, HEB and Impact Sports. He is sponsored by these three companies.

I can understand why he would be following Wingstop San Antonio. He obviously loves his chicken wings. Plus he gets coupons for free wings from them by following them. It is not clear if they endorse him or he endorses them but there is obviously a relationship between them.

I can understand why he is following the San Antonio Spurs. He is employed by them and is the face of their franchise.

But can someone please explain to me why the fuck he is following Jamal Crawford of all people? They have never played on the same team. They were not from the same draft class (a lot of NBA players become friends during the draft process). They have never played on the same summer pro-am league nor the olympics together. The only thing I could find about their relationship is this tweet from Jamal in 2014: “Love Kawhi Leonard’s game..still underrated.”

I know there is nothing wrong with an NBA player following another NBA player (they are technically colleagues because they both play in the NBA). But why has Kawhi chosen Jamal Crawford as the only human being in the world to follow? Anyone know anything that can help explain this mystery?

I’m trying to put the pieces together. The tweet from Jamal mentioned above is from June 2014. Kawhi Leonard made his twitter account in June 2014. Did Jamal Crawford’s shoutout inspire Kawhi to create a twitter account and follow only Jamal?