John McEnroe Tries to Recruit LeBron James to Big Apple

May 20, 2010 at 9:43 am by Terez in Main

Are you kidding me Terez..LeBron isn't happy in Cleveland..

New York  is rolling out the red carpet for Bron of NYC’s finest has stepped up to the line and is serving his best pitch to the King.. “I would give him free lessons at the academy, he looks like he’s already a good server,” said McEnroe, who announced the opening of the John McEnroe Tennis Academy on Randall’s Island yesterday. Added McEnroe, “It’s not only important for the Knicks, but for the next five, 10 years, the city needs LeBron as much as the Knicks do. It would give the city an unbelievable buzz. I also hope he can bring his friends, Dwyane Wade or [Chris] Bosh with him, too. We need to end the suffering.” Johnny Mac, the tennis lessons sound great, but if any offer is going to tip the scales for LeBron its the lifetime lap dance pass from scores..but nice try. -TO

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