John Gruden Fan Friendly Through A Fence

January 24, 2015 at 12:23 am by Terez in John Gruden, Main

I always got the same look on my face T…

John Gruden is in Arizona just like everyone else for the Super Bowl festivities, out tipster passes this along “This was at scc at the practice today. Gruden was getting interviewed and after they finished a little kid said Gruden I’ve been waiting an hour for your autograph. He came over from ESPN tent and gave the kid an autograph. Several other kids ran up but after his first signature I asked for a selfie. He was more than happy to take a selfie with me. After I was done that caught wild fire and everyone wanted a selfie. He was more than happy to sign everything and take pictures until the crowd died. He seemed like a very down to earth guy.” John Gruden is the man, always love when these guys please the fans.-TO