Joe Mauer’s Twins contract could field entire team

March 23, 2010 at 9:22 am by Terez in Joe Mauer, Minnesota Twins

Oh hey Terez..just chillin...reading how to spend my money..

The Minnesota Twins’ deal to pay Joe Mauer $184 million over eight years shows they thought it was vital to retain their star catcher as they open a new stadium. What the Twins may not realize is that for the $23 million a year they’ll give Mr. Mauer, they could literally field an entire team. … The starting nine players on the All-Mauer team, which didn’t include players on rookie contracts, would be worth about 19 more wins than a lineup of Triple-A call-ups. The best player on the team would be Rays pitcher James Shields, who is worth 4.1 extra wins (Mr. Mauer was worth 8.1 wins, the third-most in baseball.) The priciest position to fill was left field, where the best deal we could find was the $4.7 million owed to David DeJesus. The infield is the best deal at a combined $6.9 million. Mr. Mauer will make that much about eight weeks into the first season of his contract. — Wall Street Journal

Joe Mauer will put asses in the seats of the Twins new stadium..That’s exactly what the deal was about….and he’s as good as it gets to build a team around. To see what kind of lineup the Twins could’ve fielded for Joe’s entire yearly salary take the jump. -TO

A look at what kind of lineup the Twins could’ve fielded in 2010 for less than Joe Mauer’s $23 million salary.

1BRussell Branyan Indians$2M2.8
2BDavid Eckstein Padres$1M0.7
3BAdam Kennedy Nationals$1.3M1.7
SSCesar Izturis Orioles$2.6M1.2
LFDavid DeJesus Royals$4.7M3.3
CFMarlon Byrd Cubs$3M2.4
RFJack Cust Athletics$2.7M1.1
CMiguel Olivo Rockies$2M2.1
PJames Shields Rays$2.5M4.1
Source: FanGraphs, Cots