JJ Watt’s Girlfriend Dated Another Houston Texans Player Before JJ?

April 26, 2017 at 7:20 am by Terez in J.J. Watt

Looks as if JJ Watt’s girlfriend wanted to land herself a Texan, and she did, but not without trying a few players out? Some gumshoes have found hints that KO was trying to hook up with DeAndre Hopkins before landing with JJ. From our source,”I went to look at the Instagram of DeAndre Hopkins on National Siblings Day. Did anyone notice two comments from a “Texassocial” private account? Here is what that person commented: “So did she tell you how they used to hook up? How she’s used her “brother in law card” to make a connection with more than just you.” And….. “There’s a historyyyyy if she won’t admit it to you maybe you can get it out of DeAndre. Look at old tweets. She’s a fan girl jersey chaser” I think JJ probably has no clue she was trying to catch the Texans star receiver. Watt was her fallback. LOL.-TO