JJ Watt’s GF Opts for Wearing His Sneaker Brand and not the Pumas She Endorses

August 7, 2017 at 6:57 am by Terez in J.J. Watt

This JJ Watt story comes via the JJ Watt tip line, someone really has it out for JJ and his gal pal. “While JJ Watt’s girlfriend was photographed by her “man fitness trainer” for the big return, I noticed she wasn’t wearing Puma sneakers which is who she is endorsed by.  Instead she was wearing JJ Watt’s training Reebok sneakers and Nike shorts.   However, when she had her last date night with JJ before he went to camp and back in April during the Rockets basketball game, she made sure she was wearing Pumas. I thought that was a big no-no in the professional sports world to wear another brand of athletic wear than the one you endorse.  I wonder if Puma saw this. */:) raised eyebrows asks our tipster. If she ends up being Mrs. Watt one day, this won’t matter very much. Check out the pics below.-TO