Jets Not Mad Marshawn Lynch Danced on Sidelines

September 18, 2017 at 7:11 am by Terez in Marshawn Lynch

Beastmode was getting beastly on the dance vibe this weekend, and the Raider running back Marshawn Lynch enjoyed the 45-20 victory with his new team. Check out the dancing if you haven’t seen yet, and some comments from Jets players below. The NFL is flat out more fun with Marshawn doing his thing.-TO

Linebacker Jordan Jenkins: “That irks my ever-living nerves. That pisses me off. I’m an old-school guy. I don’t like when things happen. That was embarrassing, losing like that and to have Marshawn dancing like that. Good player, but seeing that happen should infuriate the whole team. We should have a good response coming into next Sunday.”

Linebacker Darron Lee: “It’s their house, they can do whatever they want in it. As a competitor, as a defender, you don’t like to see that type of stuff. It’s demoralizing. We’ve got to bow up. We’ve got to keep fighting. We definitely going to make sure that we don’t put any other team in a position to go do that.”