Jerry Jones Made a Deal with the Devil?

January 16, 2017 at 8:26 am by Terez in Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones

In 1995, Jerry Jones “made a deal with god” that said if the Cowboys won Super Bowl 30, he’d never ask to win the Super Bowl again. They haven’t made it past the divisional round since. Per NFL Network/Michael Irvin’s interview with Jerry Jones. Probably not gonna be able to find another source. Jones said “the third Super Bowl I was a part of, I made a deal with the man upstairs. I said ‘god, if you let me win this Super Bowl, I’ll never ask for another one again’. I’ve been trying to back out on that deal ever since,”Kinda crazy, another crazy stat, the Jacksonville Jaguars have won more playoff games in the last 20 years than the Cowboys. Sorry Jerry, a deal is a deal.-TO