Jeanie Buss Not Too Happy Phil’s Moving Coasts

March 12, 2014 at 7:23 am by Terez in Main

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Phil Jackson will join the New York Knicks in a matter of days, according to multiple reports. Jackson has reportedly given his word to the Knickerbockers that he’s coming on board. Our sources out of L.A. tell us Jeanie Buss, Lakers president, and Phil Jackson’s much younger girlfriend, wasn’t completely thrilled with the idea of Phil being in New York. However Phil’s deal will allow him to not always based in New York, so they’ll still be able to spend time together. Right now Jackson lives in Marina Del Rey, Calif., with his fiancée, but she also expected to live in New York during the season as well, and do some commuting. This should be a pretty interesting way to live. I give Phil two years before he’s back to retirement.-TO

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