Jean Claude Van Damme Announces MMA Comeback

November 18, 2010 at 9:06 am by Terez in Jean Claude Van Damme

What can I say T..I need one more little payday..

Jean Claude Van Damme used to be a movie star…Now he’s just a desperate old guy clinging on to what made him famous years ago.. Now he’s stepping back in the ring..Van Damme just announced that he’s going to fight Thailand’s Somrak Khamsing in either an MMA/Muay Thai/ or kickboxing event scheduled in Las Vegas in April 2011. Khamsing is an Olympic boxing gold medalist who converted to MMA..Van Damme is 50 years old and has had several emotional and substance issues in the past..How the hell is this dude going to get a license to fight…When will JCVD just give it all more more fighting..just give it up dude..-TO

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