Jay Glazer Is A TMZ Correspondent?

October 12, 2016 at 7:30 am by Terez in Jay Glazer

I feel like half of TMZ’s video content for “sports” is Jay Glazer bad mouthing someone, well the latest victim on his list was former NFL player Greg Hardy. He had this to say to the Agenda Based ” news outlet. “I would be incredibly disappointed in any of my fellow MMA coaches and any promoters if they took Greg Hardy in and taught him a shred of our incredible sport. Many of us train women in self defense specifically to help protect vs domestic violence. Me and all my coaches at @Unbreakable do and take great pride in that. Competing in any sport is a privilege, Greg Hardy should not be granted the privilege. There are many beautiful arts taught in our sport, none of which should be afforded to him” I’m sure Jay does a great job of REAL SPORTS reporting so why become TMZ’s best friend and ruin your credibility? Below are a few screen grabs of Jay talking to TMZ over the last  month…hope they’re paying him.-TO 

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