Jay Cutler Gets Called Out By Bartender

April 3, 2014 at 7:08 am by Terez in Chicago Bulls, Jay Cutler

He doesn't care T...

He doesn’t care T…

Chicago Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler’s reputation usually precedes him. Cutler is well known for a being a prickly pear, and one bartender calls out Jay for being a bad tipper, amongst other things. Apparently Jay has no couth according to an article about Bartenders, “Former Bronco quarterback Jay Cutler used to come sit at my bar and order appletinis and fruity shots like sex on the beach. He is apparently diabetic and the sugary drinks made him act crazy. He also ran up massive tabs and would tip zero. So I guess a grown man ordering appletinis and sex on the beaches says you’re a confused manchild with no idea how to conduct yourself in public” That’s the old unlikeable Cutler. The New Unlikeable Cutler is much more chill these days.-TO

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