Jay Cutler Spotted Hammered?

January 6, 2012 at 12:08 pm by Terez in Chicago Bears, Jay Cutler

Keeping my eyes on the prize T...

Chicago Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler had a season ending thumb injury, which all but squashed the Bears post season chances…Now that the NFL playoffs are here, and the Bears off season has officially begun, Cutler is enjoying his time off…possibly too much? — Here’s the scoop from an eyewitness, “Looks like Jay Cutler is enjoying his off-season. He was at Public House Chicago last night completely obliterated with Kristin. She was pretty annoyed by him as he kept throwing his hands up to the beat of Levels by Avicii” Jay likes to drink, and definitely enjoys being in a great city like Chicago…Not surprised to see him indulging, he did just get Mike Martz kicked out of town. -TO

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