Jake Plummer Resurfaces: Plays Handball These Days

November 4, 2010 at 10:26 am by Terez in Jake Plummer

Retiring was the best thing I've ever done T..

Former Denver Broncos Quarterback Jake Plummer retired from football in the prime of his career..The dude turned down some serious cash too. Plummer chills  in Sandpoint, Idaho, the resort town of 7,000 people near the Canada border..”I lost in our doubles match at my tournament in a tiebreaker and came off the court as happy as I’ve ever been after a loss,” Plummer said. “I was smiling and laughing and [thinking], ‘Hey, this is life.'” If I remember correctly, Shanahan really did a number on this guy..Maybe he’s trying to force Donovan to retire..-TO

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