Iron Mike Tyson Hates Onions

March 1, 2010 at 9:19 am by Terez in Mike Tyson

This better not have onions in it T

Mike Tyson reportedly really doesn’t like onions. When the former heavyweight champ was in the metro to host WWE’s “Raw,” a member of his camp called Market Bar-B-Que to make an announcement: Somebody famous is coming to eat. “We’re like, ‘OK, whatever,’” said Anthony Polski, company prez-in-waiting. “We were going to have a private room for them. Then his boys came in.” The advance team disclosed that Tyson was on his way and that he didn’t want any onions near his food. “None. No onions. No pork,” Anthony said. “Chicken. That’s apparently what makes him iron.” Tyson then showed up. “We set up this huge table for him,” Anthony said. “Then he decided no, no go.” Anthony’s father, MBBQ owner Steve Polski, said, “He must have smelled onions.” The Tyson party members decided that instead of eating in, they would take out. As Tyson was paying for the chicken, he reiterated in that incongruous high-pitched voice so often parodied: No onions. No onions on anything. They can’t have touched anything. If onions touched anything … If there are any onions in this order, I’ll bring it back. — Star Tribune

I love onions but I hate ear.. We are so different Mike and I. -TO

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