IG Model Who LeBron Got Caught DM’ing with Speaks Her Truth

November 7, 2017 at 8:01 am by Terez in Lebron James

We BROKE this story wide open, and here’s more coming out direct from the horse’s mouth. Instagram model and infamous hunter and angler Heidi V. Hoback, says that James messaged her directly on the social media site asking for some hunting lessons in exchange for some basketball tips. She said: I honestly was just having a normal day for me, going over and hunting and then this wild encounter with a buck happened and it just so happened to be right when LeBron DMed me, so I thought I would share that. I took to my Snapchat to share it with my followers because I thought it would be a funny story. You know, the message was pretty innocent as far as I knew. And then some of my followers informed me that he was married which I had no clue of because I don’t follow him, I don’t follow him. I wouldn’t consider myself a fan so I wasn’t aware of that at all. So I guess it’s been misconstrued somehow and to saying that I was calling LeBron a buck, but you know I don’t even really know what that term means.” LeBron may be in some hot water with his wife.-TO